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Redbeard’s Auction Co.
| Auctioneer Col. ‘Redbeard’ Brent  LaPonsey

Redbeard’s Auction Company is a full-service auction company that provides outstanding professional Auctioneering service. Serving all of Michigan from the Genesee County Flint MI area. Specializing in Charity Fundraising Benefits, Estates, Antiques, Collectibles, Household Goods, Glass, Art, Guns, Silver, Farm, Livestock, Personal Property, Auto, Large Equipment, Storage Units and County Fairs.

As a graduate of Kentucky Auctioneering Academy, Col. Brent “Redbeard” LaPonsey has been under the tutelage of Steve Cherry, Steve Henry, Murray McCandless,and Neal Davis, who are some of the industries finest auctioneers. Brent continues to stay on the cutting edge of the industry by attending State and National conferences, seminars and designation courses.

Col. Brent “Redbeard” LaPonsey is B.A.S. certified by the National Auctioneer Association. Benefit Auction Specialist’s are experts in conducting benefit auctions for profit, and non-profit organizations. Col. Redbeard has conducted twenty-four benefit auctions alone last year, putting the FUN in FUN-raising!

When Colonel Redbeard was a little whipper snapper, he would attend auctions with his father. He loved to hear that “chant” that the Auctioneer made, tapping his toe and it would send Redbeard into a day dream about being up there someday himself.

Col. Stan Perkins, first Auctioneer in the Michigan Hall of Fame said….”You can’t be a great Auctioneer with a pint in your pocket”. The Col. Redbeard follows that principle of temperance today along with principles of honesty, integrity, perseverance, and faith. Brent’s love of being an Auctioneer and a “Brother of the Hammer”, drives him to be an outstanding Auctioneer.

The title “Colonel” is give to auctioneers’ from the days of the American Civil War. Colonel’s auctioned off war plunder to the highest bidders.

Brent LaPonsey owned Good Ol’ Redbeard’s General store, he has now stepped away in order to follow his dream. His dream grew into reality, which caused one door to close, the store, and one door to open, Redbeard’s Auction Co. He wants to be among the Greats, and the Best of the Best!

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REDBEARD’S AUCTION CO. with Auctioneer Col. Brent ‘Redbeard’ LaPonsey serves all of Michigan including the Genesee County Flint MI area and Flushing, Fenton, Grand Blanc, Bay City, Saginaw, Midland, Lapeer, Shiawassee, Oakland, Livingston, & all Counties in the region and beyond. Book Now!

(810) 210-7602 or Auction @RedbeardsAuction.com