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| Auctioneer Col. ‘Redbeard’ Brent  LaPonsey

As a licensed Benefit Auction Specialist, Col. Redbeard assures you that your event will raise more money than if you went with a silent auction or just a volunteer. Redbeard takes the auction responsibility from your hands and puts it into his capable hands when it comes to planning and executing the auction. Redbeard has worked benefit auctions that have brought in over $60,000 in one night.

TUX & TENNIES Live Auction
$22,000+ SilentAuction
This gala and benefit auction was to raise money to Whaley’s Children Center. It is a source of hope, care, and treatment to Michigan’s abused, neglected, and at-risk children and families.

$4,000 + Silent Auction
This benefit was to raise money to rescue animals in need. The Live Auction brought in over $4,000 dollars and there also was a silent auction. The big items were a Kindle Fire & a Cancun Vacation Home. There was a lot of fun and personal items to the organization as well. Check out the their website at

$9,000 + Silent Auction
This event was immediately following church and it involved a spaghetti dinner as well. This auction had great items because they were donated by the church members themselves. Items like kids picking up the yard, lunch with the pastor, a ride in a members plane, guitar lessons, drum lessons and a day on the boat. Everyone had a great time at this auction

• YMCA CAMP COPNECONIC Live Auction on March 1, 2014
$21,000 + Silent Auction
Shipwrecked! The fundraising party that rocked your boat… and made a difference for kids and families in our community! All proceeds benefited families and youth in our community so that they may experience the YMCA. It was an evening of food, fun and friends, all for a great cause!

$16,000 = Live Auction
As you can see this auction had a twenties theme. The money went to benefit the school and to purchase new technology resources. Thank you to all the fine people who helped to put on this event.

• WHALEY’s TUX & TENNIES Live Auction
$50,000 = Live Auction
This event went to benefit the Whaley Children Center in Flint Michigan.  It is a source of hope, care, and treatment to Michigan’s abused, neglected, and at-risk children and families.

• PINK NIGHT Live Auction
“We hired Redbeard’s Auction Company for our Breast Cancer Benefit. I would have never imagined that he would sell one bra for $375. The money we made with REDBEARD as our live auctioneer was 4 times what we made the year before with silent bidding.”

• Auction Attendee

The success of our auction would be impossible without the generosity of those who attend.

Item Donor
It wouldn’t be an auction without items to bid on! Any and all items help our auction happen.  We do ask that all donations be either new or antique, nothing used.  It can be something small that can be added to a gift basket, like a book, a board game, or a gift card. Or it can be a larger item that can stand alone, like a chair or a TV. It can even be something as grand as airplane tickets or a weekend stay in a beach house. Look inside your home and heart and see what you can give.

Cash Donor
There are many things that must be bought before an auction can happen – office supplies, decorations, venue rental… Cash donations are what allow us to purchase all the necessary supplies to make our auction a success!

Corporate Sponsor
Corporate sponsors are our auction’s largest donors. Each corporate sponsor donates money to our event.  In turn, we support such generosity with advertising before, at, and after our event.

Volunteers are the backbone of our auction, especially when it comes to auction weekend! We have many jobs that need doing, and you’ll be surrounded by friendly and happy people

The night of the auction, each of our guests receive an auction catalog, detailing the items and events of the night. All this information is interspersed with advertisements from local supporting businesses and services.